A startup app that was created to help Uber and Lyft drivers connect between the two companies’ databases easier.

Using PubNub, a real-time data analytics system, as well as Mapbox, a map creator on the frontend, I created a program that showed Hailify drivers hotspots on a map, signifying common drop-off locations to assist in finding more customers.

Additionally, I created the login program for the prototype, complete with security and being open to connection with an API.


A startup app meant to transport customers long distances via hired drivers.

Using Postgres, I created and maintained a backend database used for both HikeMob drivers and registered customers.

Using Golang and JSON via Postman, I also created an API that connected said database with the application itself.

Circle of friends

A group home company dedicated to helping and supporting the mentally challenged and impaired.

Using Golang, I create an API to be used with a legacy Microsoft Access database for medical records. As such, I had to put heavy security onto this API for it to function safely.