Hi, I am brandon whitehead

I am a software Developer

Whether developing API’s, databases, logins, or real time analytics or data engineering, I’m your guy!

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Passionate and fluent coder

Since high school I have been enamored with developing and coding programs from the ground up, and over the years, I have become only more enthralled and experienced in the subject. Able to learn new coding skills in a matter of literal hours and work with any library, I can be sure to get the job done!

Avid Gamer

A gamer at heart, I have been fascinated with the design and programming of games, and am self-studied on the subject. Plenty of ideas and the programming prowess to make them real!

And a writer on the side...

A hobby of mine that has potential to help with my gaming desires is writing stories. Just like the joy of creating programs from the ground up, creating fictional worlds is almost as gratifying.

Coding expertise

My best programs

golang api's

Effortlessly done professionally used API's and databases by me in the fantastically intuitive Golang language.

C# and game engines

From Unity and GameMaker projects to simple console programs done for fun, I have extensive knowledge of the object oriented C#.

C++ databases from scratch

My personal favorite language due to the ability to manipulate memory, I have used C++ in both creating database projects and even Unreal Engine.

Convinced of my passion and skills?

Let's talk!